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Learn How to Apply Liquid Foundation

Foundation is must have make up product found in every woman’s handbag. It is widely used by women to cover up the marks of pimple and acne. It also erases the blemish marks and makes the skin to appear smooth and soft. Many women who have this product do not know how to use this product correctly and hence end up looking cakey. Sometimes, it can also look blotchy or patchy when not used in the right way. If you wish to look good each time after applying make up, make sure to know how to apply liquid foundation.

Cleanse your face:

Before you begin to apply makeup, make sure your face is free from dust, grime, oil and other dirt present on the layers of the skin. You will not want your makeup to have a dull look with this dirt on. So use a good natural cleanser to cleanse the face. When you use the foundation, it should make your skin to appear smooth and soft. Use the facial cleanser, which will get in to the skin pores and removes the dirt easily. Soon after you wash your face, pat it dry with a soft towel. The foundation will look too good when you apply it on fresh and clean skin.

How To Apply Liquid FoundationChoose the best liquid foundation:

You have to buy a goof foundation before you know How To Apply Liquid Foundation. The foundation you choose must be oil free to eliminate the greasiness, should have an ultra light formula and must be in fine quality. This will help it to blend well with the skin without causing any smudges. If you have an oily skin or acne prone, choose one based on its nature. You can apply a dot on your cheek and rub it well to look at the difference between your skin and the product. This will help you choose the one that matches your skin tone.

How to apply liquid foundation?

Apply with index finger: Put a light amount of the product on your index finger and apply it on your face. You can either make use of index finger or the middle finger. You can use either your index finger or middle finger. The rest of your fingers will not help to apply it evenly. Proceed by applying it over the face in dots. Rub the foundation well before it gets dry. Do not rub harshly as it can irritate the skin.

Use a brush: Perform the application with a brush if you wish to blend it well. Make sure you use a clean brush to apply the liquid foundation, as it will prevent the risk of getting unwanted infections.

Blend certain facial areas:

Use a sponge to blend the foundation well after you have applied it using a brush or hands. This will help you to blend well with the jaw line and the hairlines. Do not go for the bigger sponges but choose smaller ones as it will help you to apply it easier.

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